Willamette Valley Cyclists (WVC) is a sub-group off the 20+ year old local nonprofit called Partners for Parks. Partners for Parks was established back in the mid 90’s. Our Mission is to:
-Act as a fiscal agent for park related projects
-Seek funding through grants, corporate and private donation
-Build local relationships
-Work with local & regional organizations and municipalities to increase outdoor recreation opportunities for the county



Pump Track

With the increase in cars on the roads and lack of safe areas to ride bikes in my community it has come to our attention that the youth in our area need a safe place to exercise and gain skills and confidence on their bikes. We’ve identified two locations for the possible track, discovery meadows and lower city park on the corner of W. Second street and star mill road. This track will help build a foundation for the future of our riding community for years to come.

BLM Trail System

Yamhill County is a gateway community for the Portland metro area, we are an hour from some great surfing on the coast, a few hours from some amazing outdoor opportunities on Mount Hood, the Cascade mountain range, and home to some of the best wine and wineries in the country. What we need more of is a legal places to ride our bikes on trails and with our kids close by.

Yamhill county is home to a robust community of mountain bikers, but because there are no developed trail systems close, riders are forced to drive and hour plus to trail systems in other communities; that can now change. This past year, the BLM announced Over 1100 acres of land outside of McMinnville for development of an extensive, beginning-to-expert level mountain bike trail system. We just need some help to make it happen.

At this moment, the BLM is undergoing the NEPA process and community outreach. A site called Crazy Cougar, is a 1,100 forested property between Pacific City and McMinnville off of meadow lake road. The BLM’s project lead David Moore approached the local tourism group to gauge the city of McMinnville’s interest in developing, rather than just a single tail, an extensive trail system.

Our Team

Ron Baker

Ron Baker

Ron Baker is a local resident who was born and raised here in McMinnville. He’s an avid cyclists and loves to ride any discipline on two wheels. He newest passion is riding with his two young daughters; due to in the increase in local traffic and lack of safe places for kids to ride their bikes in the area Ron helped form WVC with the help of the existing nonprofit Partners for Parks.


Casey Rich

Casey Rich is the man who has kept Partners for Parks running all these years. He too is a a born and raised McMinnvillian. Casey loves all things outdoors and loves spending time with his family rock hounding on the Willamette river, crabbing on the coast, or backpacking in remote wilderness areas.


Zach Geary

Zach Geary is a newly elected City Councilman for the city of McMinnville! Zach is also born and raised here in McMinnville and has a love for the area and seeing it prosper. When Zach isn’t at council meetings or busy building homes he loves spending time with his young son and wife. Zach is currently the president of PFP and is one of the co-founders of the Walnut City Music Festival.